What Can 1-Click PC Tuneup Do for You?
      Optimize and Speed Up PC
      Clean up junk files, temporary files, unused programs and optimize windows registry to maximize PC and Internet performance.
      Diagnose & Fix PC Errors
      Automatically diagnose and fix various issues that negatively impact system performance, resulting in a faster, error-free environment.
      Stop Freezing and Crashing
      Thoroughly fix your system errors and repair your windows registry errors. Let all negative issues be out of your computer.
      Protect Internet Security and Privacy
      Clean up browser history, hidden privacy traces, cookies, etc. And close up backdoor that can be hijacked by Trojan, virus and spyware.
      Just 1 Click, Get Back A New Computer!
      • 1,500,000 people are using 1-Click PC Tuneup
    Detail Features
    scan pc information
    PC Information Scan
    Scan and display your computer hardware information and status.
    PC Stability Status Analyze
    PC Stability Status Analyze
    Check your PC stability by scanning registry and application errors.
    PC Performance Status Analyze
    PC Performance Status Analyze
    Scan and analyze your computer system performance and settings.
    PC Security Status Analyze
    PC Security Status Analyze
    Scan and analyze the issues which threat your PC security.
    1 click PC Tuneup
    One Click Maintenance
    Just 1 click, it cleans up, tunes up and speeds up your PC automatically.
    1 click PC Tuneup
    PC Optimizer
    Boost your PC performance and help it run like new again.
    1 click PC Tuneup
    PC Fixer
    Fix issues that negatively affect system's performance and stability.
    registry cleaner
    Registry Cleaner
    Clean up registry errors to prevent system freeze and crash.
    Registry Optimizer
    Registry Optimizer
    Remove unnecessary and useless registry entries to tune up registry.
    clean junk files
    Junk Files Cleaner
    Scan and remove junk files from your computer and free up space.
    optimize memory
    Memory Optimizer
    Free unused allocated memory for better utilization.
    optimize internet settings
    Internet Optimizer
    Examine and adjust internet settings to maximize your network speed.
    optimize system service
    System Service Optimizer
    Check and optimize system service to maximize the utilization of resources.
    clean shortcuts
    Shortcut Cleaner
    Clean up invalid shortcuts to maintain a clean and uncluttered desktop.
    short pc startup time
    Startup Optimizer
    Customize and optimize startup programs to short PC startup time.
    protect pc privacy
    Privacy Protector
    Clean up activity traces of hard disk private data.
    clean up privacy traces
    Trace Cleaner
    Clean up windows and internet hidden privacy traces.
    restore pc's original setting
    Undo Changes
    Create backup of all your PC's original setting and one click to restore.
    PC Performance Test Before and After Using 1-Click PC Tuneup
    • Start Up
    • Shut Down
    • PS
    • DW
    • WORD
    • IE
  • Before 1-Click PC Tuneup
  • After 1-Click PC Tuneup
  • 1,500,000 people are using 1-Click PC Tuneup